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We've been fans of skincare brand REN for a long time. Having initially caught our attention with their high-performance product range, they've since wowed us time and time again with their outstanding brand values and planet friendly pledges.

The mantra is simple. "Clean to Skin, Clean to Planet". Guiding every decision the brand makes, REN is Certified Cruelty-Free, Inclusive, Clean To Skin, with Vegan-Friendly Formulas, and a commitment to reducing waste at every step of manufacture, distribution and promotion.
Above: Images taken from REN Skincare.

REN have been Clean Skincare pioneers since the year 2000. Selecting nature's most powerful and kind bioactive ingredients, and harnessing their benefits in their formulas to create a range of effective, high-performance and clinically proven skincare to address the diverse range of skin needs - always with sensitive skin in mind. Choosing ingredients not simply because they are natural, but because they help skin look and feel its best, whilst limiting irritation and respecting the skin barrier.
Above: Images taken from REN Skincare.

Sensitive skin is at the core. The brand began with a mum-to-be, concerned that the formulas of her everyday beauty products were causing her sensitive skin to react. She began to consider if the ingredients used were kind enough for her and her baby. After exploring the world of natural beauty products, she discovered that nothing really worked. Her partner recognised this as a need within the beauty industry - skincare that delivered gentle, yet effective results from bioactive, not just natural ingredients. From this idea, REN Clean Skincare was born, with a pledge to never compromise efficacy for natural, whilst always considering the needs of sensitive skin.

Our Favourite Products

Narrowing down our favourite products from the REN collection is no easy job; a topic sure to evoke fierce fighting in the office. Skincare is a passion within the Jo & Co team, and whilst we all have our own individual skincare needs, we are at least able to agree on a selection of standout heroes from the REN range.

Let's face it, the favourite top-spot could go to none other. This marvellous tonic really does what it says on the label. Get ready to glow! Most skincare requires a few weeks to see results, but this little bottle of - we assume, magic - will have you glowing from the first use. Just sweep onto freshly cleansed skin every evening using a reusable cotton pad, and wake up fresh-faced and glowing.

The Vegan and Cruelty Free, Clean Ingredients include Lactic Acid (AHA) from Sugar Cane, which helps to eliminate dead skin cells for a smoother texture, Willow Bark Extract to help minimise pore appearance, and Azelaic Acid Precursors from Olives to help boost radiance and even out skin tone.
Above: Images taken from REN Skincare.

We're big fans of the entire Evercalm range - offering soothing care for sensitive skin. Choosing a favourite wasn't easy, but we all agreed that this serum is something rather special. This fast-acting White Mushroom powered serum is clinically proven to reduce redness after just 30 minutes, while soothing signs of sensitivity in seven days. Whilst we all love a good walk along the Cornish coastal paths, the sometimes less-than-ideal weather conditions can leave our skin feeling worse for wear. This wonderful serum is ready to rescue you from dryness, discomfort, itching, flakiness, tightness or burning sensations, so you can keep enjoying those breathtaking views, without sacrificing your skin.

The Vegan and Cruelty Free, Clean Ingredients in this marvellous serum include White Mushroom Extract (Albatrellus Ovinus) which helps to comfort, calm, reduce the appearance of redness and alleviate the signs of sensitivity, and Beta-Carotene & Biosaccharide, a defence complex to help combat potentially sensitising free radicals from environmental pollution.
Above: Images taken from REN Skincare.

It's no surprise that we love all things related to the sea; you can hardly live in Cornwall and not love the beach! That's why the Atlantic Kelp & Magnesium Anti-Fatigue range is always a favourite with our team - We are based on The Atlantic Highway after all. We adore the whole range, but this lightweight body cream is a real hit with us. The energising and easily absorbed cream with essential minerals, and an exclusive blend of anti-fatigue essential oils will help to nourish and refresh the skin. Perfect for those days when a sea dip might be just a little *too* refreshing.

The Clean Ingredients include Laminaria Digita (Kelp) which boosts skin vitality, Sage, Cypress, Geranium & Rosemary for a fresh, energising and uplifting scent, and Plankton Extract to de-stress and protect skin.

There's also the added bonus of the Ocean Plastic packaging. The bottle now contains 80% Recycled Plastic, and 20% Ocean Plastic collected by TerraCycle.
Above: Images taken from REN Skincare.

Moving away from skincare, this dreamy (pun intended) pillow spray is a cult classic for good reason. Simply spritz on your pillow, bedding and PJ's at bedtime, and create a relaxing, sleep-ready space, helping you to drift off faster and wake well rested.

The calming scent contains Frankincense Oil to soothe and calm the mind, Lavender Oil to help you relax, and Hops Oil which helps you get a better night sleep.
Above: Images taken from REN Skincare.

There's so much more to discover with this wonderful brand, so if you're just starting out on your skincare journey, need a little guidance on which products might fit your specific needs, or just want to find out more about the brand, come and visit us in our lifestyle store and have a chat with our knowledgable team, who are always on hand to help.
May 16, 2022 — Becky Starsmore

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