If you’re looking for a little something special for the Mother's in your life this Mother's Day - Sunday 22nd March, we’ve put together a gift guide to help provide a little inspiration.

Those rare but oh so precious moments when your Mum has a chance to relax on the sofa.

(1) Rose Pink Linen Cushion - £40One can never have too many cushions.”
(2) American Vintage Zazow Neige Snow White Cardigan - £180 “This dreamy cardigan is so soft and snuggly”
(3) Fleur De Sel White Stoneware Cup - £10.50 “Give the gift of a cup of tea in bed this Mother's Day!”
(4) Raspberry Illusion Wool Throw - £65 Our blankets are 100% wool and made here in the UK. “We love this new colour, it’s perfect for cosying up in style”

It’s always good to get out in the fresh air, especially when there’s a huge blue sky out there waiting for you.

(1) Selected Femme White Donna Leather Sneakers - £80 “Comfortable and stylish, whilst looking good - A staple for any Mum’s wardrobe!”
(2)  Second Female Aron Mineral Red Shirt Jacket - £240 “A stylish jacket to keep her warm, and looking and feeling good”
(3) Frank Green Ceramic Marine Blue Reusable Cup 10oz - £25.99 “This drinks flask is perfect for hot and cold drinks, and won’t leak in her bag!”
(4) S'well Blue Cornflower Water Bottle - £35 “Make sure she's staying hydrated too!”
(5) Katie Leamon Green Lay Flat Notebook - £21.95 “Perfect for keeping notes for her next novel, creating a quick sketch, or remembering important things!”

      Sometimes laughter, dancing, and a few bubbles can be the best form of therapy.

      (1) Bon Parfumeur Fragrance - From £40 “Choose from our wide range of delicious scents, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect one for her”.
      (2) Wanderlust Life Calcite Gold Chain Necklace - £46 “Simple, delicate style in a necklace that really does go with everything”
      (3)  Anonymous Copenhagen Hermine Metallic Gold Sandals - £130 “Because everyone needs a beautiful pair of dancing shoes”
      (4) Des Petits Hauts Oliora Raphia Bag - £50 “A bag just for her! A great way to add style to your outfit and make you feel like an adult again!”

      Give the gift of time… alone. We all need it, and let’s face it, most of the time Mums forget to take time out to look after themselves!

      (1) Hobo & Co Lemongrass & Coconut Large Jar Candle - £28 “Relaxing scents to help her unwind - we love Lemongrass and Coconut”.
      (2) The Beauty Chef Hydration Inner Beauty Boost 500ml - £29 “A little help to get her feeling beautiful and healthy from the inside out”.*
      (3) REN Moroccan Rose Otto Bath Oil 110ml - £32 “A heavenly scent, for a very well deserved, hot and steamy bath”.
      (4) Seoulista Beauty Super Hydration Instant Facial Mask - £7.99 “A great way to give her some valuable time to relax”.


      And for the Mum's who can’t resist a good book, we recommend the following:


      (1) Nourish & Glow - 12.99, (2) Nomad - £22.99 (3) She Explores - £17.99 (4) Self Care For The Real World - £16.99 (5) Lagom - £9.99 (6) A Life In Pattern - £25 (7) Little Book Of Motherhood - £6.99 (8) Provence The Cookbook - £22 (9) Not So New Mum's Notebook - £16.99


      And if you’re still stuck for ideas, don’t forget we also sell gift vouchers in store, so she can come in and choose for herself.


      Whatever you choose for the mums in your life, and however you choose to show her your love, we hope you have a fabulous day!

      Jo and the team.

      Jo and the team share their favourite Mother's Day memories:
      *Always read the label.
        March 06, 2020 — Joanna Eldridge

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