Seoulista Beauty Wonderberry Skin Defence Instant Facial Mask
  • Seoulista Beauty Wonderberry Skin Defence Instant Facial Mask
  • Seoulista Beauty Wonderberry Skin Defence Instant Facial Mask
  • Seoulista Beauty Wonderberry Skin Defence Instant Facial Mask

Seoulista Beauty Wonderberry Skin Defence Instant Facial Mask


Made from a powerful blend of antioxidant ingredients, this one-step face mask helps lessen the impact of pollution, blue light and exercise on the skin.

Created and tested by dermatologists, the Wonderberry Skin Defence Instant Facial™ is Seoulista's first life-style orientated facial. The biodegradable, coconut mask is generously infused with 30mls of potent antioxidant-rich serum. The combination of active ingredients such as blueberry, pomegranate and raspberry, hydrating hyaluronic acid, and skin-loving ceramides help shield the skin’s natural protective barrier to prevent environmental aggressors from damaging the skin. After just 20 minutes, your skin is hydrated, inflammation is minimised, and skin cell turnover is increased for healthy, glowing and protected skin.

Seoulista Beauty® Instant Facials™ are free from parabens, mineral oil, sulphates and artificial colours.

Looking for a skin caring, protective facial?

Getting active is great for the body and mind. But did you know that exercise, the great outdoors, and city living can have a less positive impact on the skin?

Daily exposure to sweat, chlorine, and other environmental aggressors – such as sunlight and pollution – slowly breaks down the skin’s protective barrier, leading to skin congestion, irritation and premature signs of ageing. Then there’s blue light from computers and mobile phone screens that can also cause damage.

Designed for city dwellers, countryside hikers and gym fanatics alike, Wonderberry Skin Defence Instant Facial™ is the latest and most innovative addition to our Instant Facialrange. After seeing the clear correlation between spikes in air pollution and the increase in people suffering from skin problems such as acne, eczema and premature ageing, we launched this protective mask to help shield the skin from everyday aggressors in just 20 minutes.

From city to country, this lifestyle-orientated mask is the perfect remedy for your skin after being exposed to blue light, pollution, sweat, and extreme weather conditions.

Why do I need it?

  • Rich in antioxidants to defend against daily aggressors.
  • Protects the skin’s natural barrier and reduces inflammation.
  • Plumping and hydrating ingredients give a youthful glow.

How to use:

Cleanse your face thoroughly. Remove mask from packaging, unfold, and peel off one side of protective film. Press the protective face mask to your face and peel off the outer layer, then smooth to fit facial contours. Allow the serum to infuse for 20 minutes before removing. Do not wash off. Smooth the remaining serum into the skin.

Top Tips:

  • Use pre-or-post sport or after exposure to harsh environmental conditions
  • Use the extra serum in the pack as a bonus treat for neck and hands
  • For best results, use weekly.

Key Ingredients:

Blueberry, pomegranate and raspberry: These berries and seeds are packed full of powerful antioxidants known as polyphenols. In the wild, they protect plants from environmental stressors, and in skincare, they can do the same for you skin.

Hyaluronic acid: A powerful humectant (moisture-binding agent), hyaluronic acid boosts hydration, improves elasticity and reverses free radical damage for a more youthful-looking complexion.

Skin-loving ceramides: Ceramides can help the skin to retain moisture plus boost the skin's natural defence barrier, protecting your skin from daily aggressors.

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